Warranty & Repairs


  • Alluressories jewelry EXCEPT final sale products (discount 40% off and up) are guaranteed for 3 months warranty from original purchase date except final sales products. Please bring the products and related receipts as proof of purchase to any retail shops in Hong Kong for maintenance under your warranty to avoid extra charges.
  • For 18K gold and diamond products, we guarantee to offer two years warranty service from date of purchase.
  • To keep your jewelry looking its best please follow our Jewelry Care instructions. 
  • Alluressories warranty covers manufacturing defects.
  • Please be reminded all photo pictures are for reference only.  The real object should be considered as final. Gemstones may have natural defects were inside the stones or on the surface which would not be considered as manufacturing defects.
  • Final sales products (discount 40% off and up), general wear and tear, misuse, tarnishing and gemstones loss are not covered under the warranty. For example:
    • Exposure to harsh chemicals or environments can alter the appearance of your Alluressories jewelry. These types of chemicals include, but are not limited to pools, hot tubs, and spas. Please remind that the Alluressories products with natural gemstone or pearl cannot be directly soaked in liquid silver polish. Forgoing maintenance will be considered as misuse and not covered under the warranty.
    • The prong and chain may be gradually worn due to the continuous use, it will be considered as general wear.
    • Your warranty does not entitle you to replacements of lost gemstone.
  • For the foregoing situation and the product out of warranty, we are glad to offer the repair service for your jewelry with a repair charge. Whether the goods can be repaired depends on the style and damage of the goods. Some designs may look different after being repaired. We have to perform examination for the products. In addition, the repair charge is subject to the products and actual situation.
  • In case of disputes, Alluressories reserves the final right of decision.
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