Berwick Stud Earrings

Rose Gold Vermeil - Moonstone
SKU: 8B007EMR00

Berwick Stud Earrings

Rose Gold Vermeil - Moonstone
SKU: 8B007EMR00

These beautiful Berwick Stud Earrings features an organic, hexagon shaped multifaceted Moonstone gemstone. Each natural gemstone is unique in personality and pattern. These earrings are beautiful and making a statement for your daily outfit.

- Made of 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil on 925 Sterling silver

- Set with natural gemstone

- Natural gemstones are selected in Coimbatore Coast of Tamil Nadu

- Handcrafted in detail


Moonstone is the birthstone of June that strongly connected to the energy of goddess and to the moon. It harmonizes feminine energies and promote self-development. It opens mind to inspiration and encourage dreams pursue. Moonstone heals conditions connected to the reproductive system and hormones, and is especially beneficial to pregnancy, childbirth and breasts-feeding.

- Gemstones size approx. 8mm X 8mm

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Rose Gold Vermeil

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